7-Day Detox Challenge

So many of us want to start a diet, stop binge eating, stop having crazy food cravings, or we hit a plateau we can’t seem to get out of. What you need is a detox to reboot your whole system. Sometimes its hard to even start a simple clean eating diet and the only way I can get myself to start is after doing a detox.

The word detox these days is very misused with so many fad diets on the internet and if there was anything else I could call this, I would, maybe 7-day reboot? Eating whole foods and eating clean seems easy until you start doing it and you cannot keep up, the point of this detox is to help you reduce and manage cravings of all the unhealthy foods your body is currently used to.



When it comes to a plateau, your body just needs some change from the regular foods and pattern so it does help to take a break from your daily routine and reboot your system. In doing so you are improving your metabolism hence getting out of the plateau.

Planning your meals ahead of time even though you normally practice intuitive eating is good for you because it not only reduces on the time in the kitchen and time wasting wasted deciding what to eat but, prevents you from buying junk and reduces the temptations from unhealthy food.




This 7- day detox does not mean you should deprive yourself of food, It means you train the body to enjoy more whole, nutritious to the body foods. The first 3 days are more about introducing more fruits and veggies into your system and for some people are the hardest to go through but after that, you get to enjoy a wide variety of different whole foods.


11 Signs that your body needs to detox

  1. Are you having constant headaches?
  2. Do you feel randomly light headed?
  3. Do you have sleeping problems, either sleep too much or have trouble sleeping?
  4. Are you lazy during the day even if you slept enough?
  5. Have you reached a plateau in your weight loss journey?
  6. Are you having non-stop cravings especially for unhealthy food?
  7. Are you going through a binge that can’t seem to stop?
  8. Do you lack energy and motivation?
  9. Do you have mood swings?
  10. Is your skin dull or breaking out?
  11. Are you having digestion problems like constipation or diarrhea?

If you have confirmed that your body needs a detox, reboot your system with our 7- day detox challenge, It will help you clean your system, clear your skin as well as the mind, reduce previous cravings and help you eat less hence leading to weight loss. This detox helps you reset and start all over with your get healthy plans.


The 7-day detox challenge is great for beginners too especially those starting an active life as well, the workout plan included is mostly for beginners, If you are already active in your life you can maintain your plan and just follow our meal plan.

During the 7-day detox challenge, we will be doing the following daily practices;

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily
  2. Drink a glass of lemon water first thing every morning.
  3. Take the apple cider vinegar shot every night before going to bed.
  4. Eat only whole foods
  5. Keep our meals as simple as possible
  6. Listening to your body, you can also adjust meals in the plan according to cravings, If you need any tips on how to change the meals around, feel free to check our facebook support group.
  7. Brushing your body. This is an odd thing but there are so many benefits that come with brushing the skin, not only does it help with reducing stretch marks and cellulite but helps with proper blood circulation and skin detoxification. After your morning workout, right before you step into the shower, brush your skin with a loofah from the feet upwards in a circular motion (watch the full video here)

Foods to avoid during these 7- days

    • Alcohol
    • Milk
    • Artificial Sugars
    • Smoking
    • Dairy products
    • Coffee


4 thoughts on “7-Day Detox Challenge

    1. Hey, I believe our bodies have the capability to heal and detox themselves, so I always tell my clients and other people that you can detox with food by ensuring you are mindful of what you eat then the body will do the magic. I do have 2 detox plans on my site, the 7-day detox, and the sugar detox. I don’t know if this was helpful for you but if you need more enlightenment or help with anything, in particular, I will gladly help, just email me.


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