Stick to healthy habits & maintain your weight during the holidays

It’s that time of the year again when there is nothing but food temptations, too much fun partying and drinking as well as excuses to not continue with your training routine. There is nothing harder than staying healthy during the holidays especially if you are a people person and always have family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues around you.

I personally think festive seasons and people gathering is an excuse to eat as much as you want, which is okay if that is what you want, but for us people watching our weight or want to lose weight, It’s different.

We suffer when it comes to decision making, and making mindful decisions especially if we have no solid plan on how to go about these challenges.

With all the cookies, fried chicken, potatoes, sweet desserts and drinks, you can call this the most trying situation in your journey. In fact, maybe we should call it the biggest test of how much or how badly you want to reach your goal.

Even if I don’t particularly celebrate any holiday, my people do and of course, I am invited to so many gatherings, because of this I devised a game plan going into this.

Feel free to download the PDF at the end with the exact brief tips and more on how to stay healthy and not gain weight during the holidays.

  1. Don’t let yourself get hungry. Sometimes during the day you get busy and caught up so decided to eat later, or it’s intentional because you are intermittent fasting. During the holidays especially if you have a get together that day, Its always better to eat your usual meals during the day so you are not too hungry when you get to dinner/ lunch. This leads to very many bad decisions. Wheres if you are not hungry you think of it more like another meal and since you have been eating healthy, It’s easy to make healthy choices.
  2. Instead of snacking, focus on interacting with people. Its very easy to be caught up in your little bubble, this bubble makes you over think eating and snacking, I have a whole webinar talking about these voices in your head, feel free to check it out, but instead of listening to those voices which almost always end into you snacking or overeating, try talking to other people to get your mind off of the food. You might actually learn a thing or two and better yet prevent a binge. Have fun and laugh.
  3. Monitor drinking calories. Drinks are very many of us weakness points because we think to ourselves, how can you have when you are sober, but you totally can and if you cant, here is a tip; Mix water with your drinks instead of soda to reduce calories, stick to low-calorie drinks
  4. Get enough sleep. This is a constant when you are on a healthy journey. Lack of sleep can make you exhausted which leads to making many unhealthy decisions that we regret later.
  5. Exercise in the mornings. There are so many things that can go not as planned during the holidays, so unless you have no plans for the holidays, it is always better to stick to your training plan and get it done first thing in the morning before getting derailed by holiday plans. After putting in a workout you normally set the tone of the day, you are more likely to stick to your healthy lifestyle after that.
  6. Plan ahead, and chose your poison. It is okay to indulge every now and then, that’s why it’s important to put it in your hands what you chose to indulge in. So plan your day if you have a party or not, plan what you are going to eat, how you intend to stay healthy and keep everything under control.
  7. Bring your own healthy snacks or food. of course, if its okay with the host. When it comes to dessert this might be the best decision ever made. You might help people stay on track too and you will save yourself so many calories.
  8. Be the host this year so you can have control of the food. Host your family and friends and make healthy versions of all the holiday food, your guests might not even notice the difference.
  9. Eat your proteins and veggies first. This is legit one of my favs because if you feel full from healthy food, you might feel uncomfortable but its healthy and very low calorie and saves you from overindulging.
  10. Don’t overstuff yourself, since there is too much food be the sampler or eat samples of everything just so you don’t miss out. A little trick I like to use is, load up on the veggies until I am too full then I start sampling, that way I am too full to taste huge quantities of food.
  11. Download your simplified copy with even more tips on how to maintain your weight during the holidays

2 thoughts on “Stick to healthy habits & maintain your weight during the holidays

  1. Awwww thank you so much, I really appreciate it, We actually have a 1 week online Be Your Own Bae Boot Camp, you are going to love it, Let me know if you are interested I will give you the details,


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