Weight Loss From Scratch – 90 Day Weight loss & Mindset Change

I  feel like I haven’t been here in a quite a while, which is actually true. Is it too late to wish y’all a happy new year…lol.

How is the year going so far? I have been working hard tried to reach some of my resolutions and as usual always trying o be the best version of me. Today I come to you with something amazing I have been working on. After working with clients one on one, I decided to create an online program to open up my services to the rest of the world.

For those of you that are new here, I am Sheila, and when I’m not creating healthy recipes or creating youtube videos, I help women lose weight. I have come to realize that most of the time when it comes to weight loss, we know what to do, but we just don’t do it.

The weight loss from scratch program is a highly interactive online weight loss and wellness program designed to help you change your mindset and understand weight loss step by step. This program is for you if;

  • You are tired of the weight loss – weight gain roller coaster
  • You are tired of Fad diets and quick fixes
  • You have trouble sticking to diets
  • You have tried all diets and they have failed
  • You want to get your sexy
  • You want to feel comfortable in your skin
  • Want to fit in a pair of old jeans


Mindset plays a very important role when it comes to any kind of growth, improvement, and change, the kind of mindset you have during the journey is what determines whether you make it through or quit. These kind of lessons during the journey are important as they can groom other aspects of your life.

Like the muscle, the brain needs constant conditioning in order to be in the right place to help. In the Weight Loss From Scratch program, we practice mindset change by creating new habits to help you achieve your goals, and like I mentioned earlier, this formula works not only with weight loss but with other aspects of life like relationships, lifestyle, finance etc.

Trust me, I know the feeling of constantly being on diet and losing weight only to gain it right back, the pain of spending money you don’t have and don’t get any results. I know it sucks but you can do, all hope is not lost, If I can do it, so can you, and I want you to be a part of this.

In case you don’t want to join the program, I have a free master class that would be of help to you and a variety of videos with meal preps, workouts, and quick weight loss tips, be sure to check it out.



  • Have lost weight
  • Fit in your favorite clothes that didn’t fit before
  • Feel sexy and confident
  • Are healthier than ever
  • Are more energetic
  • Have an amazing skin and hair
  • Feeling better, happy and positive about life



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