How to stay motivated on your weight loss journey

The weight loss journey is a roller coaster and like it or not there are good and bad days, The first step to being motivated is knowing that there are good days and bad days, some days you will be active and want to smash all your goals and other days you just wanna sleep in, skip a workout, buy fast food, etc. That is okay because no one is perfect.

I don’t believe so much in motivation I believe in finding a strong “WHY”, why do you want to lose weight, there are so many reasons why and I go over them in the weight loss from scratch program but just briefly with my clients and my past self, I realized the reason we need motivation is we don’t have a strong “why.”

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated;

Set and visualize your goal. Your goal needs to be super clear to the extent that you can visualize and daydream about it, So If you want to lose weight, think about where you want to be, how many pounds you want to lose, how you want to look, how you will feel when you get the body you want and are comfortable in your own skin. Then write down what it will take to get there, be clear, not vague because if you are vague, you will get vague results. This alone might be the only motivation you need.

Get accountability partners so you can tap into other people’s energy. Sometimes when we do things alone, we lose morale and it’s normal. So find yourself, friends or family, to join you, or join any of our programs and you won’t be alone on this journey, we will be there with you the whole way.

Make the process fun. We all have a child in us guys and we forget that. If something ain’t fun or working for you, change it there is no one size fits all, I always encourage my clients to explore new things for example if you hate the treadmill, go for a run, If you hate working out on your own join a class If you hate kale eat spinach.

Take it easy on yourself. It’s not that serious, take a break, In case you didn’t know this when you overwork your body, It hits a plateau and sometimes taking a day or 2 off really helps you to recover and boost your system in order for you to keep losing weight.

Reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be just food as most people think rewarding yourself means eating that juicy burger you’ve been craving or finish a large pizza in one seating. I believe it is important to lose weight and keep healthy so if you want a burger, have a good quality one (could be homemade) or from out it doesn’t matter but make sure its a good one. You could also treat yourself to a spa or buy that new item you’ve been eying for a while.

Be consistent. Most of us lose motivation after we “cheat on our diets” I hate that statement, but it’s okay, we are not trying to be perfect the only thing that matters is to always remember to pick yourself up and continue.

That all I had for you today. As always stay motivated, be patient and trust the process.

Find more tips in the video below

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