Why you are not losing weight?


It can be very disappointing & demotivating when you weigh yourself and you haven’t lost any weight you and I both know that. The weighing scale shouldn’t worry you as there are so many other different ways to track progress.

At the beginning of any weight loss journey, the first few weeks go by so well with good results and after a while, it slows down, sometimes it just goes on hold, this used to happen to me a lot with fad diets and I always ended up asking myself the question, ” Why am I not losing weight?

There are a bunch of reasons why this could be happening and today I just want to share some of these with you to help get you back on track.

Understand weight loss. Weight loss is about calorie deficit which simply means consuming fewer calories than you burn. We talk about it a lot in depth in the weight loss from scratch program. No matter what lifestyle you chose, maintaining a calories deficit is important.

You don’t report your calories right. This might not work for everyone, but in case you are the kind of person that tracks your calories, you might want to consider including all the little details like the calories from your dressing or an extra tip of peanut butter.

You are probably eating less protein. Proteins help to fill you up and keep you satiated (fuller for longer). Also, did you know that during digestion, the body burns down some calories? For every 100 calories fats and carbs, the body burns 10 calories for digestion while for proteins, the body burns 30 calories.

You are doing more cardio than weights. Most of us girls are scared of weight training because we associate it with bulking but unless you are taking extra supplements, girls and boys don’t bulk the same way. Doing a lot of cardio helps with fat burn but doesn’t help with creating muscle. Try switching up your workouts by adding maybe resistance & strength training. You can totally use your bodyweight no need for extra weights. Join any of our programs to get a variety of workouts you can do anywhere.

You are not getting enough sleep. For your body to function very well, it needs time to recover both physically and mentally. When you don’t have enough rest, you are prone to be fatigued the day after which as much as you might not notice causes bad decisions like missing a workout of bad food choices.

You are drinking way too much alcohol. I don’t know if you know this but alcohol has calories, plus every time you drink too much the body can’t do any of its functions for about 48-72 hours until the alcohol is out of your system. This slows down the weight loss process big time. In the ultimate food guide, you get all this information, grab yourself a copy.


Your hormones are not balanced. If you feel like you have tried everything with nutrition, being active and actually put in the work, then maybe its time to see your doctor because the problem might be with your hormones and unfortunately I am not a doctor.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, don’t forget to stay motivated, be patient, trust the process and as always guys, spread the love

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