Weight loss Journey Must Haves

Tracking progress and safety are some of the most important things on your weight loss journey simply because tracking progress keeps you on track and helps you plan better for faster and healthier results, also in case you plan to do any physical activities, safety always comes first. That is why today I want to share some must-have weight loss essential tools to help you reach your goals faster and more strategically.

There is nothing out of the ordinary with these tools, although I do believe having these weight loss tools work for you makes it much easier and takes all the guesswork out. Therefore if you are serious about starting your weight loss journey here are some tools/equipment you probably already have or can invest to track & boost your progress.

  • A digital weighing scale. It doesn’t have to be digital, only that digital is more accurate. Did you know statistics show that when you weigh yourself daily, you are more likely to lose weight faster?  This is because you are more conscious during the day, and put in the work as you would like to see the scale move.



  • A tape measure or old clothes. The weighing scale is not always the most accurate when it comes to weight loss which might make you lose motivation along that way, therefore it is important to find other means of measuring the progress that is why clothes you want to fit & tape measures come in handy.



  • Food scale. One reason you might not be losing weight even if you are logging your meals is that you are eyeballing the food quantities and in most cases eyeballing is overestimating, therefore, you end up consuming more. Refer to the above youtube video for a better explanation.



  • Measuring cups & spoons. These are in addition to the food scale if you want a cheaper option, although the scale is more accurate here if you are currently counting calories and need to maintain a calorie deficit. Measuring cups and spoons are amazing especially for baking and measuring things like rice or quinoa.


  • Small plates & bowls. Portion control is very important when it comes to weight loss, I mentioned this in my 14 weight loss hacks that actually work video so feel free to check it for a detailed explanation but basically as you can see in the image, a portion that is enough for you put on a large plate makes it look small and psychologically will leave you hungry and the opposite is true.


  • Meal prep containers. Preparation is key, especially when getting into new habits like eating healthy because it takes away the guesswork and temptation that comes from not being prepared. Practicing meal planning and portion control will help you get to your weight loss goal faster because remember you are what you eat.


  • A water bottle. We know how important hydration is, not only for weight loss but for general health, and to ensure that you are drinking enough water and have no excuses, It is also always better to buy a bottle with the amount of water you want to take then just make sure that you finish that before drinking anything else. I find this more helpful than just trusting yourself to drink the water, especially when it’s not a habit for you yet.


  • A pedometer. Going to the gym is not the only form of working out and staying active, your movements while cleaning, taking a walk, cooking, all these matters, therefore if you have not reached a place where you love to workout, additional apps with pedometers help. These days our phones come with inbuilt pedometers but I am sure you can download free ones like step counter and others. The point is to always make sure you walk 200 more steps than you did yesterday.


  • A food & progress tracking journal. When counting calories, it is important to track this somewhere so you can know when you have exceeded your required calorie intake. This also helps you learn your body patterns, and know how different foods affect your body. This also helps you have a bird’s eye view on your progress and can always go back to check on what worked for you. For my clients, I actually provide additional online/ pdf trackers which have been really helpful. Most pedometers like Fitbit come with this inbuilt, you can track your weight, food, activity all in one which is great.

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  • A good pair of shoes. In case you are planning to do any kind of activity, It is very important that you protect your knees from any kind of damage that might result from being active. This is one of the best investments ever so make sure you get quality long lasting shoes and you won’t have to buy another in a long time.

As always don’t forget to stay motivated, be patient, trust the process and spread the love.

Check out more helpful weight loss blogs and resources for more information.



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