How to get rid of bloating | Home remedies for bloating

I have been very bloated lately, mostly because of drinking water the wrong way and also my diet hasn’t been the best as you already know if you follow me on Instagram that is why I decided to share with you my home remedies of how I get rid of bloating.

A lot of people think bloating is a result of eating too much but that is not the case, sometimes we are eating the wrong food and our bodies are intolerant to it, other times it’s our eating habits that cause bloating.

So what causes bloating?

There are so many things that cause bloating but let’s discuss some of the most common at least for me and probably you too.

  • Drinking water the wrong way, and this is particularly related to what I am experiencing and I shared everything in this video.
  • Dehydration. sometimes when you don’t drink enough water, it causes water retention that causes bloating.
  • Constipation because of course if you are not going to the toilet, your stomach is gonna be literally full of shit.
  • Swallowing air while eating or drinking
  • Eating food with a lot of wind or food that bloats you like beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and so many others.

Here are my step by step solutions to reducing bloating and reduce some inches off your waist;

  1. Drink warm water when you wake up, first thing in the morning. (Find detailed explanation in this video)
  2. Drink baking soda, lemon and warm water to relieve you of the gas.
  3. Add ginger to your meals and your water too, you can make some detox water.
  4. Make sure you are drinking water the right way.
  5. Make simple food. Sometimes we tend to add so many ingredients to our food which all take different times to digest which causes bloating that is why you need to keep it as simple as possible, try and cut out dairy if you are lactose intolerant, avoid artificial sweeteners and packaged foods because they are not easily digested by the body.
  6. Add pre and probiotics to your diet. There so many ways you can do this, with pills or with some natural remedies.
  7. Chew slowly to avoid air going into your mouth.
  8. Massage the stomach in a circular motion, I show you exactly how to do it in this video.

I get a lot of people asking me about stomach related issues or how to reduce belly fat, that’s why it was important for me to talk about bloating first before explaining how you can lose belly fat and how I managed to get rid of my belly, lose weight and maintain it doe 4 years.

The tips I am going to be sharing work 100% and they are the exact steps I use with my clients who have got amazing results so stay tuned for my next blog post.


As always don’t forget to stay motivated, be patient, trust the process and spread the love.



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