Chicken egg salad

Chicken Egg Salad_4th Dec

So this is one of my go to¬† salads. Its full of so many nutritious foods, eggs for protein, avocado for fats and veggies too its so yum. Basically you can make a salad anyway you want to. Personally i keep a few things in mind when I’m making y salad;

  • Base – Lettuce, cabbages or any leafy veggies
  • Protein – Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Beans, Peas, Cheese
  • Veggies – Bell peppers, Onions, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.
  • Dressing – Normally that’s Salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon and maybe honey but you can add mayonnaise, mustard etc.


Whatever you want to call it. Life generally is a hustle, we go through different things daily weather with family, work, business, personal.For me its always a hustle and i call it that because it helps me acknowledge when i conquer something to the next. Its like an endless battle but it lets me know that I am growing.

I can’t even start to explain to you how many things i’m hustling with at the moment, will get to them in detail as i go on but for now i can leave you with a summary. Family, self development and business is what it is.Will get through them in detail one by one because its mad drama ya’ll.

When i started with the blog i initially wanted to call it the daily hustle, still do but i started my social media pages and madammebae which was initially a food blog got more awareness and did not want to have two separate blogs so i thought to myself this doesn’t have to be only about cooking and food, There is more to me than that so i decided to talk about them both on one platform.

Healthy and fittest time in my life

56f2b3858c3c80a7673edaf6In February 2016 i was at the time of health. I had lost most of my weight, I was very energetic, vibrant and feeling myself. Always made it a point to put in a workout, stretch, eat as healthy as i much as can. P.S I’m not a nutritionist but over time i learnt how to listen to my body so i know what works and doesn’t work. But since 2017 i became lazy, lazier, and laziest. Its 2018 and coming to an the end of January and i’m still struggling with eating healthy. So Since today is the first day i’m posting here, I am going to make it a point to start with who ever wants to join me, you can start anywhere. If you need some inspiration as i am taking baby steps you can check out my social pages for healthy recipes, and workouts in stories.